lunedì 8 maggio 2017

Yes, i know. The #Metgala is over but I draw this beautiful dress wears by Zendaya. I hope you like it ^_^ 👑👠👗

lunedì 2 gennaio 2017

🎃 Hello my dear fellows! I have partecipate at the #cdchallenge with the yummy theme of this last month: #Harrypotter ! Because I'm a devoted fan I feel the necessity of partecipate so that's it! The Hogwarts Charms professor and Head of Ravenclaw house: 
Filius Flitwick
I hope you like him :)


giovedì 22 settembre 2016

Bologna Children Book fair #2015/2016

*Ciao a tutti*
Dopo molto tempo passato dall'ultimo aggiornamento oggi casualmente, ho ritrovato le tavole che inviai per il concorso del Bologna Children Book Fair edizione 2015/2016 . Ricordo che nonostante il pochissimo tempo a disposizione ebbi l'insana idea di buttarmi su illustrazioni nuove per costruire un omaggio alla fiaba di Andersen  "Pollicina".
Vedendole adesso mi rendo conto di quanto ancora dovevo lavorarci sopra e ripulirle ma nonostante questo l'idea e la composizione mi piacciono ancora. Voi cosa ne pensate? Che cosa avete inviato voi anno scorso? :)



*Hello fellows!*
After a long time I re-upgrade my poor blog because today casually I've found my last artworks send for Bologna Children's Book Fair 2015//2016.
I remember that despite I didn't have time for experiments because the nearly closing of the competition, I tried anyway to make new illustrations for realized a close personal version of "Thumbelina", the Andersen's fable.
So here they are and at one new looking these illustrations need to a little cleaning, but I want post there because I think is a good result of composition and idea. What do you think about? What have you send last year? Let me know I'm curious :)

martedì 5 maggio 2015

The show must go on!

Hi there!
I want refresh my silent blog with this little Wip about one of the childrenbook stories taken from Bologna^^ . Guess who is him? :)
Some help: he is a little and unlucky english young boy, his name is Oliver... ;)

lunedì 6 aprile 2015

Bologna Children Book Fair 2015

Hi! I come back from Bologna Children Book Fair. I want share with you some pics that I taken. This fair is so important for me and this year I've done some meetings with publishers that I think were going well :) *Crossing the fingers*^^
Are you never been in this fair? If you are illustrators or writers I suggest you, is very inspiring! I'm also happy to have find a lot of my friends illustrators. We had a great time!
I hope to see again them in the next fair!
Well stop with the chatter and enjoy with this little journal about my 3 days at the #bcbf2015!

* WELCOME BCBF 2015! *

Vintage touch :)

ZOO - Strada Maggiore 50/A

2th day Fair - Bookshop

150th anniversary Alice in Wonderland

Illustrator's Show

My favourite select illustrator: Catia Chien

Illustrator Inside&Outside ;)

I'll see you in 2016!! :)

mercoledì 25 marzo 2015



Finalmente dopo tanto tergiversare, sono riuscita finalmente a costruire il mio sito dove potete trovare i lavori più recenti! :) Per festeggiare metto l'ultima copertina a cui ho finito di lavorare ieri sera :) (non fate caso ai colori psichedelici, il file in cmyk a web è stato convertito in colori Rgb^^). 

- "L'isola del tesoro" (Treasure's Island) di R.L.Stevenson -

Qua il link al sito :):


I finally opened my site! There you can find my recent works. To celebrate the premiere place my last cover for the series of books for children that I'm illustrating. :) Note: the colours are a bit more saturated^^. 

mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

Children's book cover for "Anne of the Green Gables"

I'm back to show you the making of the cover of "Anne of the green gables", an evergreen of the literature of childhood, written in 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery . Below you can see the various steps by which it is "born" my Anne. :) Enjoy!!

Wip 1 - flat colours and lineart




Final Illustration