giovedì 3 aprile 2014

Book Project # 2 - Il signor Falaninna

Hi new post again! 
Here you can see my 2# book project : Il Signor Falaninna

It is a story written by Gianni Rodari for "Favole al telefono" (Fables at the phone),in 1962. 

A really funny short story ( I realized only 24 illustrations), that tells about a man who's very delicate and with a deep passion for sweets and food in general. I have imagined him like a dandy in the early 20th century (maybe from 30's? or 50's more probably?). Mr. Falaninna has a butler who's aspect his the opposite of him, because he' s tall and thin. This poor butler must have a lot of patience with his master. 

I worked on it using a short palette of colours: blue and magenta red (and purple). I have played with some stencils and crayons for the traditional media and for the digital I have researched some vintage textures. Here's the result (in italian ) :

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