martedì 9 dicembre 2014

Concorso nuovi Artisti per Topolino

Ho partecipato al concorso indetto da Panini Comics, per trovare nuovi artisti fumettisti per il famoso fumetto settimanale "Topolino". Una bella occasione per me, sopratutto per avere il pretesto per esercitarmi su qualcosa di nuovo e diverso dal mio mondo dell'illustrazione. 
Ecco qua alcuni dei lavori che ho inviato ad agosto (quasi a fine termine dalla chiusura del concorso! Da brivido!). Potrete trovarne altri sulla mia Pagina Fb :)

mercoledì 2 luglio 2014

A Wonderful Book with Jùlia Sardà

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory © Manuela Zacchei 2014

Hi guys! I have followed this interesting workshop organized by the team of IDEA Academy in Rome this last June! I'm very enjoed. We have worked on the study of characters design from the Roald Dahl's story: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

The method teached by our master fantastic Jùlia Sardà, is it in digital solution but with a traditional result, thanks at the very helpfull brushes that Jùlia usually uses. During 3 days we have learned a lot and the time is going fast...too much fast! ^^
Well I want show you the final result of a little part described in The Chocolate Factory, when Charlie find his golden ticket! :)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory © Manuela Zacchei 2014

giovedì 3 aprile 2014

Book Project #3 - The Secret Garden by F. H. Burnett

And now this is my last book project which is also my favourite for affective reasons. This story was one my first encounters in childhood. I think it is one of best stories to illustrate because there is everything: the importance of nature, the willpower in youth and the interesting costumes and particular scenary (India and England). I love the fact that Mary's personality is creepy and "old" and the atmosphere of the castle where she goes to live reflects that coldness of hers. Only with the entrance of the nature and the friendship the story exits from the cold and sad winter to become a triumph of blossoming flowers and vegetation in spring. 

 For this story I have made the entire storyboard with some definitive illustrations. For each one of the chapters I wanted to put a little cameo under the title. All realized in traditional techniques(watercolors, a bit of acrylics for gouache and details more evident thanks to Pilot G-tec 0,3/0,25). 

I would work again for this story and find a right style of drawing. Or not? What do you think about it? Is this fine or is it too much classic?

Book Project # 2 - Il signor Falaninna

Hi new post again! 
Here you can see my 2# book project : Il Signor Falaninna

It is a story written by Gianni Rodari for "Favole al telefono" (Fables at the phone),in 1962. 

A really funny short story ( I realized only 24 illustrations), that tells about a man who's very delicate and with a deep passion for sweets and food in general. I have imagined him like a dandy in the early 20th century (maybe from 30's? or 50's more probably?). Mr. Falaninna has a butler who's aspect his the opposite of him, because he' s tall and thin. This poor butler must have a lot of patience with his master. 

I worked on it using a short palette of colours: blue and magenta red (and purple). I have played with some stencils and crayons for the traditional media and for the digital I have researched some vintage textures. Here's the result (in italian ) :

Book Project #1 - Mon Premiere Voyage

Hello There! I want to show you one of my first book-projects.  
The language I chose is French because I made it when I tried to partecipate at the french competition for illustrators: Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse 2013

The story is simple: One boy starts a trip around Europe on a little paper boat. His journey lasts about a year. He writes to his best friend and tells him/her what he saw, he describes the nature. He promised him/her a really precious gift at his return. Only at the end we discover who is his friend. 

I worked on it with different digital techniques: digital effects and photomanipulation but also in traditional ones like the boy and the stains, which were realized with watercolors. 
Well, Enjoy!

domenica 23 marzo 2014

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