lunedì 6 aprile 2015

Bologna Children Book Fair 2015

Hi! I come back from Bologna Children Book Fair. I want share with you some pics that I taken. This fair is so important for me and this year I've done some meetings with publishers that I think were going well :) *Crossing the fingers*^^
Are you never been in this fair? If you are illustrators or writers I suggest you, is very inspiring! I'm also happy to have find a lot of my friends illustrators. We had a great time!
I hope to see again them in the next fair!
Well stop with the chatter and enjoy with this little journal about my 3 days at the #bcbf2015!

* WELCOME BCBF 2015! *

Vintage touch :)

ZOO - Strada Maggiore 50/A

2th day Fair - Bookshop

150th anniversary Alice in Wonderland

Illustrator's Show

My favourite select illustrator: Catia Chien

Illustrator Inside&Outside ;)

I'll see you in 2016!! :)

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